Untitled II

I will write about you someday. No, not tonight. Tonight, the words escape me. I feel them hovering above me- Silently wishing to be plucked And spelled out. But I do not see them. What they mean and what they themselves define, I have no idea. They must be wary now. anxious and impatient. But … Continue reading Untitled II

Untitled I

I could describe you with clichés: light in the dark northern star unrequited love   I could use my own words: you challenge my concept of self-awareness just when I was so sure I was smart and discerning and way above all this you came and showed me just how unfathomably naïve I actually am … Continue reading Untitled I

Being on a Stage

by Lance Cledera Give me this chance and I will perform, I have prepared and I delivered steadily, But then the lights have gotten dimmer, And the red curtains suddenly closed, You heard the words except one last line, “I love you”, and now you’ll never know. Continue reading Being on a Stage


by Lance Cledera Life’s a blank canvass And you’re the one who fills, With a variety of colors, The emptiness I feel.   So I’ll take an after-coffee start, I hope you see it clearly, Because this love, like my art, Is for your eyes only. Continue reading Painting